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A very versatile RGBW projector for all your parties

  • A very versatile RGBW projector for all your parties.
  • Powered by 12 LEDs of 1Watt (3 x Red, 3 x Green, 3 x Blue, 3 x White).
  • This unique concept offers almost unlimited possibilities. You can power and control the device in several ways:
    • Do you like it easy and simple? Use only the function switch on the unit (off-auto-sound)
    • Do you prefer to have some control? Use the included wireless IR remote control to select your programs
    • Do you like mobility? Use an external battery or car adapter to power the device
    • Do you prefer a more impressive configuration and total control? Connect it to the USB PARTYSET: all effects will work synchronously and DMX control will be available.
  • DC 5V-2A USB power adapter + USB A → USB C cable included.

Specification: USB PAR


JB Systems

Controllable colours


Protection class


Integrated option

Wireless remote control

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