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DMX programmable controller

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  • This LEDCON-XL controller is probably THE controller you’ve always wanted.
    • Pre-programmed colors, fades and chases for almost all types of LED projectors.
    • 8 additional dimmers to control your light shows, smoke machines, lyres with 4/5 MSL mode, etc.
    • DMX input with merge function to connect any additional controller on the same DMX line
    • Standard 19″ rack format ideal for mounting the unit in our 3U Controller Case
    • Prepared for wireless DMX: just connect a DONGLE WTR-DMX! (optional, Briteq® code B04645)
  • The control section of the projector is a more powerful version of our famous LEDCON-02 Mk2 :
    • 4 or 8 channel LED light modulator with integrated chases, controlled by music and speed.
    • For each of the 4 or 8 units, you can select the DMX configuration of the fixture used (RGB, RGB + white, RGB + white + amber, etc.). Therefore, the unit will be compatible with most of the LED projectors available on the market!
    • Each of the units can be activated/deactivated, if necessary. (blackout for some projectors).
    • Additional UV button for using, for example, 6-in-1 LED floodlight which includes UV LED.
    • Separate control for strobe and dimmer.
    • Fixed color mode: Instant access to 9 pre-programmed colors with variable dimming time.
    • Static chase mode: 12 different colored chases with manual speed control.
    • Sound-activated chase mode: 12 different colored chases with audio activation via the audio input or the built-in microphone.
    • Spectral mixing: 32 different spectral mixing colors, including color fades.
  • The additional dimmer section is comparable to our SCENEMASTER SCM-1 :
    • It is then possible to control, via the same DMX line, additional projectors, light shows, smoke machines, etc.
    • Perfectly suited to control lanterns equipped with our SMART-DMX mode (formerly known as DMX-MSL mode)
    • It is possible to use the dimmers as 8 individual DMX channels or to create 8 scenes (dimmer group)

Specification: LEDCON-XL


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DMX, Wireless DMX

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